Kanafeh is a traditional Palestinian dessert, popularly believed to have originated in the city of Nablus. The Turkish version of this pastry is called "künefe". The Turkish künefe is a crispy, cheese-filled dessert made with "tel kadayıf" (wiry shreds, a string-shaped dough). A layer of mild and stretchy cheese is sandwiched between two layers of buttered kadayıf, a vermicelli-like strand of phyllo pastry. Kadayıf is made by cooking runny strings of batter on a circular griddle. As the dough firms, it’s scooped off the griddle to cool down. The trick is to know when the bottom layer of the kadayıf is cooked; until golden brown and crispy with an even base — like a cross between Pommes Anna and Shredded Wheat. That’s when the pie is flipped over and cooked until golden again. While still hot, a mild sugar syrup is poured over the künefe before it's sprinkled with grated pistachios and served with Turkish clotted cream "kaymak".


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